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Man Accidentally Wears Clothes On ‘#WorkingNakedDay’

1 Feb , 2018  

Office Worker Forgets To Strip Off For Work Naked Day Administrative assistant Barry McDuckle has humiliated himself by forgetting about International Work Naked Day and turning up to his office wearing clothes. Despite being warned about the festivities the night before, by the attractive women in his workplace, he thought it was just a joke. […]

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Man Too Shy To Poo At Work

28 Sep , 2017  

Being Too Shy To Poo At Work Is Ruining His Career Nervous businessman Barry Tiggles went on record to say how shy he’s been too shy to go for a poo whilst at work. An accountant from Burnely, Tiggles had been regularly driving home to relieve himself as he was too nervous to use the […]

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