University Students Can’t Tell Which Day of the Week It Is

9 Mar , 2018  

Days Merge Together For Uni Students An epidemic has spread throughout the country where University students are unable to tell which day of the week is which. Many have been reported as ‘confused’ or ‘monged out on the sofa’ without seeing sunlight for long periods of time. Our reporter placed himself in a student dorm […]

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Graduate Realises Uni Isn’t Actually Worth It

21 Sep , 2017  

Graduate Student Comes To Shocking Realisation Tom Spiffswell, a recent graduate of Leeds Beckett University, suffered an existential crisis today where he realised Uni has been a total waste of time. Following his graduation and receiving a 2:2 in Archaelogy, Spiffswell realised he had actually wasted the past three years of his life getting into […]

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Defiant Geography Student: ‘Didn’t want a job anyway!’

14 Sep , 2017  

Geography Student Doesn’t Want Employment A defiant geography student has today gone on record to say he “did not actually even want a job” before he started his degree and undertook it for his passion of colouring. Jacoby Slump studied the three-degree at the University of Hull. He said: “Getting a job that pays well […]

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