ALDI cashier being ticketed


ALDI Employee Ticketed For Scanning Over The Speed Limit

3 Mar , 2018  

Britain’s fastest serving supermarket ALDI is renowned for scanning dirt cheap products faster than you can respond to the cashiers “how are you?”. Employees are expected to scan at least 100 items per minute, which is approximately one hundred times faster than Tesco. If an employee fails to meet ALDI’s scanning policy, they must undergo […]

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Lynx Africa share price quadrupled this december

1 Dec , 2017  

The new million dollar investment: Lynx Africa. The moment the clock struck twelve on the last day of November, there was an immediate spike in share prices for Lynx Africa. Mums from around the world immediately start panic buying from every Poundland, Tesco and B&M. Shelves are cleared out almost instantaneously as retailers struggle to […]

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