Conspiracy: Is Birmingham Real or Just a Myth?

10 Mar , 2018  

Is Birmingham Real? Will We Ever Know The Truth? We sent a reporter to the streets of Sheffield to ask people if they had ever been to Birmingham. Not one person said yes. Conclusion: Birmingham isn’t real and we’re all being lied to – here’s why. 1. A Quick Test Ask yourself ‘Have I ever […]

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happy bus driver


Bus Driver Ecstatic to Receive £20 Note as Payment

12 Feb , 2018  

Bus Drivers love giving out change A recent report reveals that a bus driver from Barnsley was “more than happy” to hand out change. A customer apologetically paid for their journey with a £20 note but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Johnny Baxter, senior public transport ambassador was genuinely happy to be able to […]

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Actual Pronunciation of the Word ‘Scone’ is Finally Revealed!

31 Jan , 2018  

Historians Discover The Proper Way To Say ‘Scone’ Historians working for Sheffield Hallam University have recently discovered the proper pronunciation of the word. Whilst researching a totally different topic, one senior lecturer came across the details in a book. The lecturer, Professor Julia Oswaldi, was writing a thesis on foods that act as an aphrodisiac […]

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National Outrage As British Man Jumps Queue

19 Oct , 2017  

Anger Across the Nation as Brit Jumps Queue A man has caused serious outrage up and down the country after carelessly jumping ahead in a queue. The offender, Barry McSandle jumped cut ahead of several other people ahead of him in line to use a Tesco Express cash point. The anger from the other waiting […]

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Your Cats Hate You, Research Suggests

30 Sep , 2017  

New Research Claims Cats Are Horrible New collaborative research stemming from the Universities of Newcastle and Sheffield conclusively reveal cats just don’t give a fuck. It has been confirmed that cats actually hate their owners and make terrible pets. The study, soon to be published in many scientific journals, also said people who claim to […]

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Dogs Have No Idea What Is Going On, Researchers Discover

21 Sep , 2017  

New Research Suggests Dogs Are Really Stupid A conclusive experiment from Sheffield Hallam University has successfully proved that dogs have no idea what is going on. It has been proven that Man’s best friend is actually a complete idiot. The species, despite how intelligent its owners claim it to be, has minimal self-awareness and lives […]

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