A photo of a sad giraffe


“Surprised We Made It This Far” Says Endangered Giraffe

4 Apr , 2018  

Giraffes are on the brink of endangerment thanks to decades of hunting and habitat destruction. Now featured on the endangered animals list, giraffes are “absolutely livid”. It’s a sad truth we must all come to terms with; our children may never get to ride a giraffe. “Our necks are embarrassingly long and it’s nothing more […]

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Woman Gets Bad Luck, Despite Tweet Promising She Wouldn’t

4 Feb , 2018  

Retweet Doesn’t Stop Bad Luck Apparently SHOCK travelled across the world this morning after a Twitter user who retweeted a picture of a giraffe captioned “retweet this in 10 seconds or you’ll get bad luck” got bad luck. The user, an eighteen-year-old woman from Birmingham, was ironically trampled to death by a herd of giraffes […]

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