Actual Pronunciation of the Word ‘Scone’ is Finally Revealed!

31 Jan , 2018  

Historians Discover The Proper Way To Say ‘Scone’ Historians working for Sheffield Hallam University have recently discovered the proper pronunciation of the word. Whilst researching a totally different topic, one senior lecturer came across the details in a book. The lecturer, Professor Julia Oswaldi, was writing a thesis on foods that act as an aphrodisiac […]

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3 Reasons Why Yorkshire Puddings Are The Best Food Ever Created

30 Jan , 2018  

Humble Yorkshire Pudding Is National Favourite As it’s National Yorkshire Pudding day we thought we’d celebrate and honour the nations unsung food hero! 1. Gravy Savers Ever put too much gravy on a roast? Or has your idiot cousin made it the consistency of water? Well slap a few more Yorkshires on there and you’ll […]

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