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Single Man Celebrates Steak & Wank Day

12 Mar , 2018  

A Single Man Is Making The Holiday More About Self-Love Barry Knobber from Portsmouth is planning to take celebrating Steak and Blowjob Day into his own hands – literally. As Barry does not have an S.O., he intends to tenderise his own mean, in both respects on the evening of the 14th of March. We […]

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The santa bod

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Experts shed light on the new “santa bod” fetish

1 Dec , 2017  

Mince pie season is in and girls are asking for a different kind of gift from santas sack. First it was your classic buff guys, then came the dad bod. After which came the love for skinny hipsters.  You can probably guess what’s next. The female populations indecisiveness is clearly present in all aspects of […]

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