Women laughing at a sad bodybuilder


Bodybuilder Disappointed by Lack of Sex Despite Basically Living in the Gym

19 Feb , 2018  

A Bodybuilders Sex Life A full-time bodybuilder faces a drought in the dating world as he struggles to get any action whatsoever, despite dedicating his entire life to lifting weights and improving his appearance. Yorkshire resident Tony ‘The Tank’ Mitchell is a weight lifter, bodybuilder and lover of Labrador puppies who claims to have a […]

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Milk In Tea First Linked To Being A Psychopath

25 Sep , 2017  

Wrongly Making Tea Could Mean You’re Psychotic A recent study has been published claiming that putting the milk in a cup of tea first is linked to being a psychopath. The research, published by Portsmouth Metropolitan University, stated that every single psychopathic murderer arrested last year made a cup of tea by putting milk in […]

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Anal Sex Improves Life Expectancy, Study Confirms

25 Sep , 2017  

Scientists Are Excited About The Health Benefits of Anal A recent scientific study has been published and claims that receiving anal sex improves life expectancy. Researchers at University College London have discovered that life expectancy for people who often receive anal sex increases by up to three years. Professor Phinga Mhbumole regarding the discovery, said: […]

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