Conspiracy: Is Birmingham Real or Just a Myth?

10 Mar , 2018  

Is Birmingham Real? Will We Ever Know The Truth? We sent a reporter to the streets of Sheffield to ask people if they had ever been to Birmingham. Not one person said yes. Conclusion: Birmingham isn’t real and we’re all being lied to – here’s why. 1. A Quick Test Ask yourself ‘Have I ever […]

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Kim Kardashian Refuses to DENY Accusations She is a Lizard

9 Feb , 2018  

‘No Comment’ from Kim Kardashian on Lizard Claims In a recent public media appearance Kim Kardashian has once again made no comment on the accusations that she is in fact a lizard. A member of the associated press posed the question, stunning celebrity, with Kim only giving a frosty reply of’ ‘no comment’ before storming […]

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