About Real World News

RWN in a nutshell

Real World News is a UK based satire news website. We tend to “exaggerate” the truth or put our own spin on it for entertainment purposes so try not to take anything we write too seriously. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit our website and read our content, we hope to brighten your day just a little.

Article Submissions

If you’re interested in writing for us or simply want an article or two featured on our site, drop us an e-mail at oxenmouthnews@gmail.com and we’d be glad to hear you out. You can also contact us through social media if you’d prefer (see footer links).

Unfortunately, we aren’t in a position to be able to pay for featured articles but we allow complete freedom in terms of what you’d like to write about and it would definitely look nice on a C.V. Please ensure that all submissions are original and not stolen from any other source.