LEAKED: Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un Sex Tape

8 Jun , 2018  

Heads Of State Compare Missiles In XXX Film

A spokesperson for Donald Trump has declared the American President at the leaking of his personal sex tape with the North Korean leader. It is not clear at this time who has leaked the tape. There are some early reports that it was leaked by Kim as a way to embarrass Mr Trump, as one scene in the tape sees the Korean with a larger ‘missile’.

The tape is reported to have been recorded at a recent summit between the two leaders. Negotiations at the summit appear to have gone very well.

A spokesperson for the Whitehouse said: “Negotiations of nuclear weapon deescalation clearly went very well but leaking the tape shows a betrayal of trust from Kim. We would like to say that Kim is a small, sad, little man – even though the comparison on the tap clearly shows otherwise.”

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