Lad Complains Ladbible is No Longer Very ‘Laddish’

3 May , 2018  

Bloke Not Impressed With Toned-Down Laddery

Self professed ‘proper lad’ Tony Johnstone has stated he is annoyed about the current state of Lad Bible. Since it’s inception as a purely a Facebook page sharing ‘Laddish’ content almost a decade ago, it has morphed into the third largest social media and entertainment company in the world. Despite more, and more varied, content than any traditional Lads mag could hope for, some blokes aren’t happy.

Johnstone said: “Well they’ve just sold out ain’t they? It used to be all about getting pissed and shagging birds, now they post dog gifs and memes. I remember when they used to encourage excessive drinking and misogyny but now they just post bullshit articles about Friends and Skins.

“Where am I meant to go for pictures of barely-clothed women? I guess literally anywhere else on the internet but it’s not the same if I can’t interact with everyone else in the comments cheering on some lass’s jugs.”

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