‘Russia is a bit of a Shithouse’, Says PM Theresa May

16 Mar , 2018  

Theresa Not Happy With Russia’s Antics

The Prime Minster has stated that ‘Russia are acting like a bit of a shithouse over this whole poisoning thing’. The comments were made after she had announced Russian diplomats would be expelled from the country but she did not realise her microphone was still on when she spoke to an adviser.

For those living under a rock, Russia has used a nerve agent on British soil which is a bit of a dick move. People aren’t happy that someone nearly died in a Zizi’s whilst tucking into a calzone.

The Kremlin on the other hand doesn’t seem to give a fuck. They’re annoyed that their diplomats are being expelled and think it’s a bit harsh to do so over a teeny tiny little poisoning. May seems to have enough problems at the minute, with Brexit and her government being a shambles, so she can be forgiven for insulting Putin’s lads.

May was lucky she didn’t take it any further however. A report from the Russian government stated ‘If they had called us cockwombles we’d be looking at World War 3 right now’

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