Everyone Can Go Back To Not Liking Rugby Now

16 Mar , 2018  

No Need To Pretend You Know What a ‘Scrum’ Is Anymore

With the Six Nations coming to a close people up and down the country are thrilled they no longer have to pretend to like Rugby. People can go back to not pretending to know what a ‘scrum-half’ is when down the local pub.

A regular at the Dog’s Bollock pub in Sheffield said: “It’s such a relief, I can drink my Carling in peace now. I don’t have to cheer when people pick up the ball, or kick it forward for no reason.

“The bit when they dive to ground to score the goal looks cool though. I also like those lads that wear black and do the dance before kick-off but for some reason they haven’t turned up this year.

“It’s going to be nice to go back to being pissed by midday and pretending to know something about the football on TV.

“There is one thing I know about Rugby however, and that is that Italy shouldn’t even bother.”

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