Angry train commuters


Train Commuters Demand More Consistent Ticket Inspections

9 Mar , 2018  

Daily train commuters are furious that they can get the train for free despite continuing to purchase tickets before the journey “to save money”.

A group of Britons have recently voiced their opinion on the train ticket situation in the UK. Commuters aren’t happy with how inconsistent the ticket inspectors are with their rounds. They’ve been starting riots on TransPennine Express trains, demanding that they have their ticket punched with immediate effect.

Claire Jules from Doncaster is pissed off that everyone around her “probably scrounged a free ride” when she had to book 4 months in advance just to be able to afford it.

“We don’t have this problem on busses, they make you pay as soon as you get on. Unless you’re short enough to sneak past the driver”

There are two sides to every argument; Unemployed Dave Smith insists that it’s a good thing that inspectors “can’t be arsed to walk 100 feet”.

“I can afford an extra 20 pack of sterling every month, thanks to free train journeys.”


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