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Male-to-Female Transgender Op Faces 2.5x Price Surge on International Women’s Day

8 Mar , 2018  

International Women’s Day Price Surge Horror

With #InternationalWomensDay trending on twitter, demand for male-to-female operations has shot through the roof. The NHS have taken a leaf out of Uber’s book and issued a 2.5x price surge for today only.

International Women’s Day occurs on the 8th of March and gives women the opportunity to get a few extra likes on their Instagram posts. Ladies are allowed to talk about boobs and post empowering quotes on social media without being labelled as attention seekers.

Men from around the UK have been feeling left out, despite having the other 364 days of the year about them. Some have even resorted to getting a sex change but were shocked with the price surges issued today. Hundreds of men tried to tactically change gender in time for International Women’s Day. They are now left feeling cold, disappointed and still male, as they queue for hours outside their local surgeries.

The ‘lucky’ few who managed to get in claim that they’re now broke and that the few extra likes, and being stuck as a female forever were simply “not worth it”. Barry Bagwell, now known as Susan, from Newcastle thought he was just “having the snip”. “I just wanted a vasectomy, what am I gonna tell the misses”.


It Takes Balls to be a Woman!

Earlier today we interviewed an NHS trans surgeon specialist, who wishes to remain anonymous. We asked for his opinion on the price surge and if he agrees with the general negative reaction from the public:

“The queues were huge this morning and the clients were fuming when I had to deliver the bill. Some even went as far as to ask for a refund when informed that the price had doubled mid operation.”

“At the end of the day, there are very few people as skilled as I am at chopping off genitals and I’ve got money to make.”


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