ALDI cashier being ticketed


ALDI Employee Ticketed For Scanning Over The Speed Limit

3 Mar , 2018  

Britain’s fastest serving supermarket ALDI is renowned for scanning dirt cheap products faster than you can respond to the cashiers “how are you?”. Employees are expected to scan at least 100 items per minute, which is approximately one hundred times faster than Tesco.

If an employee fails to meet ALDI’s scanning policy, they must undergo 6 months intensive training at an Indian bootcamp. At the end of the course, they must be able to prove themselves by scanning a typical months worth of food for a mother, father and 4 children within the allotted 30 seconds whilst simultaneously shouting out the barcodes of ten randomly selected products.


Products Per Minute Policy

Customers started feeling overwhelmed by the sheer pace required of them to pack their bags. The UK Department of Product Bagging issued a maximum speed limit of 200 products per minute (denoted as 200ppm), or fourteen 5p carrier bags worth; whichever is bigger.

An undercover checkout officer caught Joshua Berry – an ALDI veteran – speeding; He was going 10 ppm over the national scanning limit, thus issued with 3 points on his retail license and a £50 fine.

“I dedicated my life to master the art of bagging and this is the thanks I get. At least I can put proficient at bagging on my CV”

“Tesco cashiers are the real criminals, people have died of natural causes because they’ve had to wait so long to checkout!”.


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