Man Uses Memes As Unhealthy Coping Method

17 Feb , 2018  

Man Ignores Problems, Finds Comfort In Memes

A student from Sheffield has began to use the unconventional method of ‘Meme Therapy’ to deal with his issues. Whilst not actually recommended (or even acknowledged by doctors) the bizarre method does seem to be getting results. It is believed since creating the method it has taken off nationwide and more and more people are relying on memes for comfort. We sent a reporter to investigate.

Troy Prumb, creator of the coping method, said: “It’s basically the only method that has worked for me. Without delving too deep into my personal life, there’s lots of issues I have that affect me. I’ve tried seeing a therapist, I’ve tried medication but my favourite is not acknowledging my problems and hiding my feelings behind silly internet pictures.

“I find if I just bottle all my emotions up and tag my friends in memes I can get through the days. Does it deal with the root of my issues? No, but does it work? Sort of and that’s good enough for me.

“I can’t see it as a long term plan but at least I’ll have a phone full of funny pictures by the time I eventually crumble!”

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