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Bus Driver Ecstatic to Receive £20 Note as Payment

12 Feb , 2018  

Bus Drivers love giving out change

A recent report reveals that a bus driver from Barnsley was “more than happy” to hand out change. A customer apologetically paid for their journey with a £20 note but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Johnny Baxter, senior public transport ambassador was genuinely happy to be able to hand out change for a journey costing £1.50. Not only did he face the pressure of cars waiting behind the bus, but he also had to cope with the small queue forming at the bus door.

“I was given the opportunity to show off my change handling skills” said Johnny with a big smile on his face. He also added, “I love doing quick maths to work out the exact coins that need delivering to the customer”. At the end of the day, he gets to make the customers happy whilst also making a tidy living.

Johnny is no beginner as he’s been driving oversized vehicles for over a decade now! He faces high pressure, high reward situations like this daily. Mr Baxter claims his main incentive is to change the way the public views bus drivers. Not all bus drivers are complete bastards.

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