Kim Kardashian Refuses to DENY Accusations She is a Lizard

9 Feb , 2018  

‘No Comment’ from Kim Kardashian on Lizard Claims

In a recent public media appearance Kim Kardashian has once again made no comment on the accusations that she is in fact a lizard. A member of the associated press posed the question, stunning celebrity, with Kim only giving a frosty reply of’ ‘no comment’ before storming out.

Many find the accusations to be ridiculous however her lack of denial has breathed new life into the claims. It has been widely discussed what, other than her sex tape, has been the cause of her massive popularity. Due to her lacking any recognisable talent, other than what was recorded with Ray J, conspiracy theorists believe she may be part of the global connection of ‘Reptilian Elite’ that supposedly control the earth.

Will we ever know the truth? 

It’s difficult to say. As long as Kim avoids the question there will always be a doubt as to why she is doing so. Is she actually a lizard in hiding or is this another publicity stunt like what her half-sister Kylie pulled? We’ll bring you updates as we get them.

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