Previously Sacked Football Manager Prepares to Lead New Club to Failure

6 Feb , 2018  

Sacked Football Manager Joins New Club and Sets About Destroying Them

A FOOTBALL manager who was recently fired from a team he had ruined, has found a new job at another football team, which he can now start to ruin.

The manager said: “when I got my marching orders from my previous club, I wasn’t at all worried about finding another job because sacked managers always get employed by other gullible teams.

“I have the experience of wrecking twenty football squads, so I’m looking forward to the opportunity of destroying this one as well.”

The owners of the manager’s new club commented: “we’re really pleased to have such a highly qualified manager on-board.

“We simply don’t understand why these cynics who have studied every aspect of the manager’s career think that he’s going to be a disaster for us.

“In fact, we have so much faith in him that we’re going to ignorantly allow him to bankrupt the club with his ridiculous signings and £12million wages, before pushing him overboard when he leaves us relegated.

“We can then replace him with an equally brilliant con-artist.”

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