Woman Gets Bad Luck, Despite Tweet Promising She Wouldn’t

4 Feb , 2018  

Retweet Doesn’t Stop Bad Luck Apparently

SHOCK travelled across the world this morning after a Twitter user who retweeted a picture of a giraffe captioned “retweet this in 10 seconds or you’ll get bad luck” got bad luck.

The user, an eighteen-year-old woman from Birmingham, was ironically trampled to death by a herd of giraffes as she waited at a bus stop, police have confirmed.

An investigation has established that the woman managed to repost the tweet in just eight seconds, so mystery remains as to why bad luck had cursed her.

Detective Inspector Hol Dem added: “the main line of inquiry we are following up is that this whole ‘retweet or bad luck’ culture is actually a load of bollocks and that people are doomed to be hounded by misfortune, as the Earth is a horrible, unjust place.

“All we can hope is that this latest incident stops gullible people from filling other people’s timelines with total crap.”

Sadly, Inspector Dem had to cut short her interview as she suddenly disappeared into a vast, fiery chasm that opened up in the ground and she was never seen again.

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