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After nine months, Kylie Jenner reveals that her Lip Kits are from Poundland

4 Feb , 2018  

The Kylie Jenner Scandal

Kylie Jenner is renowned for her completely reasonably priced lip kits, retailing at a very modest £30 a lipstick. The lip kits come bundled with a bog-standard lipstick and a Primark-standard lip liner.

She’s appeared in the media a lot lately due to speculation of whether her lip kits are just a big fat scam. Researchers from Lincoln University have concluded this to be one hundred percent factual. Also that she is a proven attention seeker.

Further scientific tests have proven that Kylie’s lip kits are actually identical to products available in Poundland, which are currently on a 3-for-1 offer around the UK.


Feedback from Kylie Jenner Fans

We asked fans what they really think about Kylie Jenners lip kits, which lead to some very interest results.

Tish Rhodes from Birmingham stated.. “Kylie Jenners lip kits are absolutely peng, they transform me from a 4/10 to a 10/10”. After informing Tish about the Poundland lip kits she added: “The ones from Poundland don’t say Kylie in big letters so they aren’t as good”.

Mercedes from Cleethorpes informed us that she “managed to bag a fit chad at a local club thanks to kylie’s lip kit”.

So to wrap things up.. Customers appear to love the lip kits; Kylie Jenner is a multi-millionaire because of those suckers, so everyone wins. It also turns out that Kylie Jenner was pregnant for the last 9 months, she kept that one quiet!


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