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Man Accidentally Wears Clothes On ‘#WorkingNakedDay’

1 Feb , 2018  

Office Worker Forgets To Strip Off For Work Naked Day

Administrative assistant Barry McDuckle has humiliated himself by forgetting about International Work Naked Day and turning up to his office wearing clothes. Despite being warned about the festivities the night before, by the attractive women in his workplace, he thought it was just a joke. Barry turned up to work in his usual ironed shirt a laughing stock.

Speaking directly to Oxenmouth News, Barry said: “I’m mortified! I walked into the office fully dressed and everyone laughed at me, it was so embarrassing, like something out of a nightmare.

“I sit down at my desk and around me are all these gorgeous ladies totally starkers. They must think I’m a proper melt due to safe shirt and sensible jeans. It was difficult to avert my eyes but the spell was broken when Ken from accounting dropped some files on my desk with his cock out.

“It’s certainly taught me a lesson, I’m going to take all these event days seriously from now on. #EatABiscuitDay, #KickAHamsterDay & #ShitInAWheelieBinDay are all just around the corner. I’m going to bookmark them in my diary so I don’t embarrass myself again!”

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