Actual Pronunciation of the Word ‘Scone’ is Finally Revealed!

31 Jan , 2018  

Historians Discover The Proper Way To Say ‘Scone’

Historians working for Sheffield Hallam University have recently discovered the proper pronunciation of the word. Whilst researching a totally different topic, one senior lecturer came across the details in a book.

The lecturer, Professor Julia Oswaldi, was writing a thesis on foods that act as an aphrodisiac for anal sex (more on it’s benefits can be read here). One of the foods listed was scones. Further research on the history of scones led to the discovery.

The ancient text, called ‘Baking Buns to get Buns’ states that the letter ‘n’ in ‘Scone’ is in fact silent and the word is pronounced as ‘Scoe’. Therefore everyone who has spent time arguing how to say the word is an idiot. But you already knew that anyway.

If you’d like to learn how to make scones scoes, instead of being a normal human and just buying them from a shop, click here.

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