Man Has Annual Boxing Day Existential Crisis

26 Dec , 2017  

Bloke Ponders the Point of Existence Again

Once again Coventry man Alistair McAllister has pondered his existence now that Christmas has finished and the festive season has peaked. He is currently partaking in his annual existential dilemma.

McAllister said: “I don’t know what to do. With the leftovers, with my life or anything really.

“I’m just sat here watching the Christmas specials that weren’t deemed good enough to actually go out on Christmas day pondering existence.”

Oxenmouth reporters have learned that this is affecting people up and down the country. From Dover to Dundee reports indicate everyone everywhere is suffering an existential crisis.

For a solution to the problem McAllister said: “This tends to happen around this time every year. As soon as the hype of Christmas dies down I just sink into this weird slump.

“It’s normally alright though, I’ll just stop sleeping, wonder if I’ve lived a fulfilled live and then get ready for work tomorrow.”

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