Cynical Man Claims He Hates Every Time of Year Not Just Christmas

22 Dec , 2017  

Moody Man is Miserable Month After Month

Oxenmouth resident David Flaps has publicly said he is cynical and miserable all year round and not just at Christmas.

Flaps said: “Yeh I actually hate all times of year, it really annoys me when people say that I’m just a cynic about Christmas.

“Halloween, New Year, Valentines day you name it – I hate it. One of my favourite hobbies is seeing people having fun and then explaining to them why they shouldn’t be.

“I love telling people that they’ve bought into a corporate con and that any enjoyment they get from being with other people is all fabricated.

“I’d tell people more but I don’t get invited to as many parties now”.

“My wife really enjoyed the way I used to talk about how Valentines day is just a social pressure enforced by marketing companies. That was her favourite, until the divorce of course.”

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