‘Devoted’ United Fan Has Never Even Set Foot In Manchester

10 Dec , 2017  

Diehard Fan Can’t Point Out Manchester On A Map

Football Fan Jimmy Flannel has come under heavy criticism for claiming to be a ‘diehard’ supporter of Manchester United despite never even setting eyes on the northern city.

Other supporters have come out calling him a ‘mug’, ‘glory-hunter’ and ‘plastic fan’.

Jimmy, who only talks about football when his team wins said: “I think it’s really unfair. My great-great-great Uncle’s girlfriend went to the shopping centre in Manchester once. I don’t know how anyone can have a closer connection to the club?”

Some of the criticism has stemmed from the fact he lives 200 miles away in Hackney, London.

In response to this he said: “I don’t know how distance affects me supporting my beloved club! I make sure to buy the shirt of the player with the most Instagram followers each season & I’m really smug when we win. I don’t know how you can be any more loyal?

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