Jeremy Corbyn Vows To Bring Back Gulag

16 Oct , 2017  

Corbyn Announces Forced Labour Camps

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has today announced that he intends to bring back the Gulag if he is elected Prime Minister.

The extremely socialist left-wing politician has announced a new initiative to get more Brits into work; by introducing forced labour. The move will all but eliminate the unemployment rate in the country as anyone without a job will be forced down the mines.

A spokeswoman for the party said: “Comrade Corbyn has intends to ensure that the country runs at maximum efficiency. Putting everyone into work will ensure our great nation shares the wealth of mother Britain.

“We believe this is the most effective way to deal with the economic problems Brexit will cause. After the revolution against the Conservatives we will work to put this plan in place.

“We are aware there are little to no resources left to mine on the British Isles. However we intend for honest workers to use the Gulag to hone their skills and move on to other industries; for the same wage & benefit of the state, of course.”

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