Man Wrongly Thinks Owning A Snake Is Cool & Edgy

13 Oct , 2017  

There Is No Reason To Own A Snake

A man wrongly believed that his pet snake would make him appear cool, when in fact it makes him a social outcast.

A recent poll, conducted across people who deserve to have an opinion, has revealed that owning one makes you weird. The reptiles are bizarre pets. They are essentially just giant angry worms and owning one is not fashionable, despite what one man believed.

One snake owner, Chris Dupleton said: “I disagree with the poll. Snakes are proper edgy and holding one makes a great profile pic. Everyone is totally impressed by the poisonous animal I keep in my living room whenever they come over; which is not often, as I have few friends.

My opening line with girls is always that I own a snake. I haven’t actually kissed a girl yet but I’m sure if I keep telling them about my snake that will soon change.”

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