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Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un Agree to Fight on Pay-Per-View

12 Oct , 2017  

Trump v Kim, No Holds Barred

It has today been announced that leader of the free world, Donald J Trump, is to fight the eternal leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un on Pay-Per-View.

It has not been decided yet what discipline the match will take. Kim put forward the idea of boxing but Trump claimed he ‘is more of a WWE man’.

Sources initially revealed that it would be a tag-team match. China’s ambassador would take Kim’s corner whilst Theresa May would back-up Trump with a steel chair. These reports soon proved to be false. A spokesperson for Mrs May claimed she would already be busy preparing for a Judo bout and would not be able to support Trump. 

When asked to comment, Trump said: “Boxing, MMA or Wrestling it doesn’t matter, I’ll put Rocket Man in the ground.

I’m gonna take the prize money and build the border wall with Mexico. Either that, or I’ll save it for Money in the Bank.”

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