Brexit Divorce: EU to Keep Scotland on Alternate Weekends

23 Oct , 2017  

The Result of Brexit is Joint Custody Ongoing Brexit talks have lead to the UK allowing the EU to have custody of Scotland every other weekend and on alternate Thursdays. The news comes as a surprise after talks hit a stalemate earlier this month. The terms of the agreement mean the European Union will have […]

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Parliament to Auction off Wales on Cash in the Attic

20 Oct , 2017  

UK Government Decides to Get Rid of Wales The Government has announced it’s new plan to generate more revenue for the country by selling off one of it’s less favourable assets – Wales. Parliament has long wanted to get rid of ‘Cymru’ and the (mostly northern) Welsh finally have their wish of no longer having […]

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National Outrage As British Man Jumps Queue

19 Oct , 2017  

Anger Across the Nation as Brit Jumps Queue A man has caused serious outrage up and down the country after carelessly jumping ahead in a queue. The offender, Barry McSandle jumped cut ahead of several other people ahead of him in line to use a Tesco Express cash point. The anger from the other waiting […]

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Jeremy Corbyn Vows To Bring Back Gulag

16 Oct , 2017  

Corbyn Announces Forced Labour Camps UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has today announced that he intends to bring back the Gulag if he is elected Prime Minister. The extremely socialist left-wing politician has announced a new initiative to get more Brits into work; by introducing forced labour. The move will all but eliminate the […]

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Man Wrongly Thinks Owning A Snake Is Cool & Edgy

13 Oct , 2017  

There Is No Reason To Own A Snake A man wrongly believed that his pet snake would make him appear cool, when in fact it makes him a social outcast. A recent poll, conducted across people who deserve to have an opinion, has revealed that owning one makes you weird. The reptiles are bizarre pets. […]

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Donald Trump & Kim Jong-Un Agree to Fight on Pay-Per-View

12 Oct , 2017  

Trump v Kim, No Holds Barred It has today been announced that leader of the free world, Donald J Trump, is to fight the eternal leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un on Pay-Per-View. It has not been decided yet what discipline the match will take. Kim put forward the idea of boxing but Trump claimed […]

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‘Balding Men Should Just Give Up’ – Women

2 Oct , 2017  

Hairline Starting to Recede? Start Worrying Now A recent social study has concluded that women who are dating bald men or men that are showing signs of balding are either “waiting for the right moment to break up” or simply looking to “let themselves go without the fear of being alone”. The statistics suggest that […]

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