Cricket Confirmed As Really Boring, Science Proves

28 Sep , 2017  

Cricket Named as the World’s Dullest Sport

Pioneering research into dull sports from the University of Hull has concluded Cricket is actually really boring.

Despite what your local toff believes, the sport has been scientifically proven to be possibly the worst thing on Earth.

Oliver Rhombus-Chestington, president of the World Cricket Federation said: “Personally I think this outrageous. It has been a staple sport the whole world has enjoyed for hundreds of years now.

So what if one game takes an entire week to play? It’s prolonged entertainment. If you vapid peasants want a quick hit of excitement go watch a Fast & Furious film.”

Cricket narrowly beat Darts, Snooker and Lawn Bowls to be crowned the most boring. Dave ‘The Badger’ Badgerson, head of the International Darts Association, when asked to comment, said: “I find it strange Darts is on the list. I wasn’t even aware Darts was a sport.

Yes, Darts isn’t the most exciting of things to watch but its perfectly acceptable to get steaming whilst you do it. How could anyone find that boring?”

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