Milk In Tea First Linked To Being A Psychopath

25 Sep , 2017  

Wrongly Making Tea Could Mean You’re Psychotic

A recent study has been published claiming that putting the milk in a cup of tea first is linked to being a psychopath. The research, published by Portsmouth Metropolitan University, stated that every single psychopathic murderer arrested last year made a cup of tea by putting milk in first.

Statistics were released from the Crown Prosecution Service thanks to a Freedom of Information request. Since the study was published, local police forces are urging people pass forward the details of anyone they know who makes tea that way.

Police Constable Bobby Copson, of South Yorkshire Police said: “We are taking the results of this study very seriously. We have long been using science, the internet and mostly guesswork to prevent crime.

“Putting the milk in first has always been considered wrong. Whilst these people have often been shunned from their communities, there has never been evidence to prove they are breaking the law. From now on anyone who make tea like a freak will be instantly detained.”

Some are concerned the police may be looking too much into this study. To this Copson said: “Regardless of whether or not this study is accurate. I want the reprobates who make tea like this off the streets.”

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