Youtuber With 6 Subscribers Goes Full Time To Make Money

21 Sep , 2017  

Man Makes Bold Decision, Becomes Youtuber

Norfolk resident Tony Diggles has made the decision to go full time to become a Youtuber and he can’t wait to cash in.

Diggles currently only has 6 subscribers but somehow received 167 views on his latest Minecraft ‘Let’s play’, prompting him to go full time.

Formerly an Estate Agent, He handed in his notice as soon as he realised this was his true calling. He spent a month’s wages on recording equipment and plans to go full time from next month.

When asked by our reporters about the switch, Diggles said: “It’s my passion. More than that, it’s such a smart move!

“I’m really good at games like Minecraft and I say some really funny things when I play it. There’s definitely loads of money to be made, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t work making youtube videos.

“If for any reason people don’t watch my videos, I’ll switch to playing another popular game like Call of Duty or FIFA. I can’t wait for the money to start rolling in!”

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