Lib Dem MP: “Our Fence-Sitting is Still Relevant’

14 Sep , 2017  

Liberal Democrat MP Tony Cucklesworth went on record today claiming that the Lib Dems are still a relevant party in British politics.

Despite sort of being in power two years ago, the Lib Dems now only have 12 seats. This makes them now the fourth-largest political party.

Cucklesworth, MP for South Bunglesford, said: “We are still a large part of politics in the UK as we provide an option for voters to sit on the fence. Our party has the ability to side with whoever is winning as we attempt to leech power. This is great for our members as they don’t have to worry about political discourse or impacting anything. We would much rather stay frustrated at the Government without going to the effort of changing anything.”

Being the fourth-largest party means the Lib Dems only get one ‘opposition day’ in Parliament during the political calendar. Regarding this, Cucklesworth said: “We only have one day to affect anything but because our party bases it’s policies on sitting on the fence and abstaining from real politics. Therefore we should be fine to achieve our aim of doing nothing.

“We don’t really have any stand-out policies, so one day should be more than enough!”


It is likely the Liberal Democrats will continue to sit centrally and achieve little. Their supporters could align their views with parties wider on the spectrum; however that would involve making a decision something Lib Dem voters can’t seem to handle.

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