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Defiant Geography Student: ‘Didn’t want a job anyway!’

14 Sep , 2017  

Geography Student Doesn’t Want Employment

A defiant geography student has today gone on record to say he “did not actually even want a job” before he started his degree and undertook it for his passion of colouring.

Jacoby Slump studied the three-degree at the University of Hull. He said: “Getting a job that pays well is overrated anyway. I’m fine having potential employers laugh at my education history. Not having a job also means I won’t have to repay my student loans, which I mostly invested in a top of the range pencil case.

“However three years of pointing at maps and documenting rocks has been payment enough. I just wish I’d tried harder at colouring within the lines.

“The course has taught me lots of useful skills that I can transfer into other aspects of my life.  All of my friends think it’s really cool that I can list the different types of clouds!”

When asked if he would ever like to partake in the workforce Slump said: “If I ever make the decision to actually get a career, I’d probably undertake a Masters degree in Philosophy first.”

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