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Voters Stunned When Conservative Party Does Nasty Things

14 Sep , 2017  

Conservative voters were today shocked when the party they voted for, which has a history of making heartless decisions and implementing budget cuts, did yet another evil thing.

John Smith, who voted for the Tory’s in the St. Margaretstone constituency said: “Its rocked me to be honest. I know the party has a history of being evil and making the worse-off in society even less fortunate but this time I thought they would be different.

“I know this is literally the party that stole milk from children in the 80’s and uses austerity to line their donor’s pockets but I really didn’t see this new evil thing happening!

“Newspapers owned by Tory sponsors told me my only option was to vote for them, so of course I did as I can’t make conclusions for myself.”

Smith went on to say: “Then again, I guess I couldn’t have voted for anyone else anyway. Even though I agree with all of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies I could never vote for him. Even though he’s been an MP since 1983 the Daily Mail tells me he doesn’t know anything about politics.”

OxenMouth Analysis:

It is likely that the Tories will continue to do evil things. It is also likely people will somehow suddenly forget this just before the next election and still vote for them.

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